Frog Holler Neighborhood Watch

Sue Slovinski |

This neighborhood group currently does not have meetings

Neighborhood Boundaries

Kalamazoo St. to I-496 between Fairview Ave and Hayford Ave

Organization History

This neighborhood watch began in the 1970’s and existed intermittently. The neighborhood group is not extremely active at this point, but they pride themselves on being able to organize when something happens in the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Issues

This neighborhood group has always had a great focus on crime. In recent years crime in the neighborhood has gone down but is still one of the most important issues in the neighborhood. The other issue that neighbors target as a concern are vacant homes and properties not being kept up. The neighborhood watch stays in contact through email, alerting one another about important events in the neighborhood.

Why would someone want to live in your neighborhood?

This neighborhood has several key features that could be attractive to someone looking to live in the neighborhood. One of the best features of the neighborhood is all of the green space, which is a unique feature for an urban area. This neighborhood is also very welcoming to everyone, with people from very diverse backgrounds residing in the neighborhood. This neighborhood features affordable housing and is very close to MSU.

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