Holmes Street School Community Association

Mary Beth Van Horn | marybethvanhorn@gmail.com
Kelly Groll | kaygroll@hotmail.com

Meets every other month: Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov

Neighborhood Boundaries

Main St. to Potter Park between Holmes St. and Raider St.

Organization History

Neighbors formally organized in 2005 during the sale of the neighborhood Holmes Street School. They committed to stay together to continuously strive to build a safe, productive, fun & friendly haven for our families and neighbors with the following core values:

  1. To watch, inform and help our neighbors as we would for friends and family members.
  2. To continuously build pride and awareness in our neighborhood.
  3. To promote activities that the whole neighborhood can enjoy and grow with.


Each neighbor has their own passions, from animal rescue to code issues.  As an association we like to focus on the positives and strive to be a reference to any who ask.  Some of our main activities are:

  • Weekly email report featuring Crime Watch and Lansing Happenings with a short in house neighborhood update.
  • Community Garden
  • Yearly Easter Egg Hunt and Flower give away
  • Yearly Yard Sale
  • Block Party
  • Neighborhood Cleanups
  • Call for Action

Some of the meetings and organizations we attend as a board are:

  • Monthly First Ward Meeting
  • Monthly ENO meetings
  • ANC Café Classes
  • LNC (when it was active)
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Lansing Garden Project

Neighborhood Issues

We focus on the following issues on the Eastside, among others:

  • Schools
  • Crime
  • Community building
  • Neighborhood cleanups
  • Neighborhood beautification

Why would someone want to live in your neighborhood?

Close to everything:

  • A few blocks from 496
  • Walking distance to Potter Park Zoo
  • Close to a number of Parks (including Hunter Park)
  • Within walking distance to a local mom&pop store as well as QD
  • Major bus line #8 runs on Penn to Holt and downtown, as well as the #7
  • Close to Allen Street Farmers Market
  • Friendly caring neighbors and fun activities in order to get to know them

City life is not for everyone.  If you want peace and quiet by 8pm, the city probably isn’t for you.  We are near the sounds of the city.  And with that, near any and everything needed for a rich city lifestyle of work/shop and play.  Why Holmes Street Neighborhood?  We as a neighborhood have come together to help and inform.  A dedicated group email weekly so you are informed from fun activities and learning opportunities to city concerns that will affect you and your family. With that you can get as involved as you wish.  We have gardening and events for you to help plan or join in.  I believe it is best told by this: Two different renters buying homes in our neighborhood. One couple sold only to find out they didn’t have to move out of state and quickly bought a home one street over in order to stay in our neighborhood. Another neighbor did move for job relocation but came back to a job at MSU and is now back at Holmes Street School Community. It’s not for everyone living in the city, but when you do want the city our neighbors show that this is the place to be.


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