Katie Watkins | (517) 927-6222 |

Meets every 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30 pm at Allen Neighborhood Center

Neighborhood Boundaries

Michigan Ave to Kalamazoo between Clifford and Shepard

Organization History

Neighbors formally organized in 1994.


  • Potlucks
  • National Night Out
  • Annual yard sale
  • Litter clean ups
  • Group gardening projects
  • Holiday decorating contests

Neighborhood Issues
We focus on the following issues on the Eastside, among others:

  • Placemaking
  • Community building
  • Neighborhood cleanups
  • Neighborhood beautification

Why would someone want to live in your neighborhood?

We’re green, connected, and diverse!

Green: We garden, pick up trash, and recycle Styrofoam together. We can walk, bike or bus anywhere from Downtown Lansing to East Lansing/MSU and the Meridian Mall. We’re close to the River Trail, and walk-able to multiple churches, Hunter Park, the year round Allen Farmers Market and Sparrow Medical Complex. And don’t forget, your great housing value gives you more green cash for doing fun things.

Connected: If you want to live where people know and care about each other, borrow a cup of sugar and share tools, you have found your new neighborhoods.

Diverse: Black, White, Latino, Christian right, Lesbian left and everyone in between live work and play respectfully together. We focus on what we share in common; a love of old houses, traditional craftsmanship, gardening, community life.

Make our PLACE your place.

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